Californians for Equal Rights Foundation is dedicated to defend and advance the cause of equal rights.

Our primary objectives and purposes are to:

1. Defend and advance the cause of equal rights.

2. Promote civic engagement.

3. Educate citizens and community members on pertinent issues of public interest.

We accomplish our goals through the following methods

(a) Implementing education campaigns to raise public awareness on equal rights through conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures or symposia.

(b) Carrying out media campaigns and community outreach programs to expand our alliance.

(c) Advocating for policy and/or legislative reforms in support of equal rights.

(d) Conducting rigorous research and publishing books, pamphlets and policy position papers on issues pertinent to equal rights.

(e) Filing complaints and/or taking legal actions against institutions or entities that violate the constitutional guarantee of equal protection or the civil rights principle of non-discrimination.

(f) Championing civic engagement via cultural and educational programming.