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Defend and Advance the Constitutional Principle of Equal Rights for All.

The American ideal - that a person should not be judged by race, is a universal truth that transcends political fads of race essentialism and divisions. Let's rally around this fundamental principle of equality because our common destiny as Americans is greater than our hyphenated identities.

Don't divide us!


Wenyuan Wu

Executive Director, CFER

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November 29, 2022

CFER 2022年度工作报告

CFER 2021到2022这两年所取得的成功再次彰显, 只要持续不断、有理有节地发声,我们是可以团结到大多数选民的,我们是可以让立法者听到我们的声音的。不要因为声音看上去微弱而放弃,也不要因为这个世界看上去不尽如人意而放弃。

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Frank Xu

November 10, 2022



October 28, 2022

Victory! CFER Helped Parents and Community Defeat an Unconstitutional Speech Code Resolution

Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) worked with local parents and community members in a successful initiative which blocked the Hate Speech Resolution during the last board meeting on October 13th at the San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD).

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October 25, 2022

CFER Co-Sponsors the 10/30 Equal Education Rights Rally in Front of the U.S. Supreme Court to Support SFFA’s Legal Battles Against Harvard and UNC

On the eve of the Supreme Court’s hearing oral arguments in the two race-preferential admissions cases, CFER will join a coalition of partner groups in a historic rally to advocate for equal education rights on October 30, 2022



October 12, 2022

CFER Joins the National Association of Scholars and Other National Groups to Reform Education Licensure: Three Model Bills Can Help Disrupt Radical Teachers

The National Association of Scholars, California Policy Center, Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, Goldwater Institute, The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal, the John Locke Foundation, and the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, are jointly releasing the Model Education Licensure Code.



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