Journey for Equal Rights

Californians for Equal Rights Foundation was created following the success of the heroic No on 16 campaign in 2020. Californians for Equal Rights/No on 16, previously a ballot measure committee, led a successful campaign that resulted in the overwhelming defeat of the divisive and discriminatory Proposition 16 on the November 2020 statewide ballot. The campaign succeeded because California voters overwhelmingly rejected racial preferences as a public tool to address discrepancies, because the cutting-edge campaign consistently implemented a winning strategy based on a winning message, because we were able to build broad-based alliances across racial, ethnic, and political lines, and because we sufficiently educated the electorate on the harms of race-based decision making.

  • Outspent 16-to-1: 18 cents per winning vote, while the backers of racial preferences spent $3.9 per losing vote.
  • A broad-based coalition of supporters from all racial, ethnic and political backgrounds.
  • Won by 57-to-43 percent, 14-point, 2.4-million-votes margin.
  • A David v. Goliath battle against California’s political establishment and economic elites.

The No on 16 campaign website: or 

However, the fight for equal rights, or the constitutional principle of equal treatment for all, is far from being complete. Various ongoing attacks on equal rights in public schools and other public domains in California and beyond warrant a timely expansion of our organization into a more permanent structure with a wider scope of activities to exert our societal influences to monitor and engineer policies and programs conducive to the honorable cause of equal rights. In this urgent spirit, founders of Californians for Equal Rights decided to form a nonprofit public benefit corporation with the mission to defend and advance the cause of equal rights.

This nonprofit organization will also:
1. Promote civic engagement. 
2. Educate citizens and community members on pertinent issues of public interest.