Report Evidence of CRT-infused Programs to CFER

Do you suspect your child’s school implements race-based indoctrination programs rooted in critical race theory (CRT)? Does your place of employment conduct compulsory trainings dressed in fancy code names such as “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” “Racial Equity,” “Anti-Racism,” “Critical Awareness,” and “Social-Emotional Learning” yet with the explicit intent to discriminate by virtue of race? Does the program in question make you or your child feel uncomfortable and subjected to a hostile environment? Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) wants to hear from you! Please fill out the report below with as much detailed information as possible. Your participation will greatly enhance our common pursuit of unity in light of CRT’s aggressive invasion in all aspects of our public life.
We thank you for your courage to speak up against the toxic trend of CRT in its real-life applications. Please read our Joint Statement against CRT here (link will be provided this afternoon) as you join our collective fight to uphold the timeless ideal of equal treatment for all!