Advisory Committee

Our Distinguished Advisors

Dr. Richard Sander

Economist and the Dukeminier Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA, Author of Mismatch coauthored with Stuart Taylor, Jr. and Moving Toward Integration: The Past and Future of Fair Housing

Dr. Williamson M. Evers

Senior Fellow and Director of Center on Educational Excellence of Independent Institute, Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education for Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development

Hon. Tom Campbell

Honorary Co-Chair of No on Prop. 16, former US Congressman, former California State Senator, former Director of Finance for the State of California, former Dean of Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Mr. Manny Klausner

Vice Chair of No on 16 & Co-founder of the Reason Foundation

Dr. James Lindsay

Author, mathematician, and political commentator, Founder of New Discourses

Mr. Christopher F. Rufo

Writer, Filmmaker, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute

Dr. Joe Nalven

Anthropologist, Philosopher and Former Associate Director of the Institute for Regional Studies of the Californias at the San Diego State University

Mr. Eli Steele

Award-winning filmmaker, director and producer

Dr. Althea Nagai

Research Fellow at the Center for Equal Opportunity

Dr. Lance Izumi

Senior Director of the Center for Education at the Pacific Research Institute, former President of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges


Mr. Michale Gonzalez

The Angeles T Arredondo E Pluribus Unum Senior Fellow at The Heritage
Foundation, Former Speech Writer during the George W. Bush Administration, Writer and Formerly Acclaimed Journalist

Mr. Ward Connerly

No on 16 Campaign President, President of American Civil Rights Institute, former UC Regent

Hon. Mari Barke

Board Vice President at the Orange County Board of
Education, Executive Director for California Local Elected Officials, Member of Hillsdale College President’s Club