在本周四(5月20日), 加州众议院拨款委员会将举办关于AB101和AB105的听证会。同一天,加州参议院拨款委员会将听取并投票决定SB17和SB40。CFER就这四个重要的法案发布以下行动建议:


AB101 是州立法层面对民族学课程作为高中毕业条件之一的强制法令。该法案基于片面以及偏激的批判性种族理论(critical race theory, 以下简称CRT)来指导高中民族学课程。 
AB105 将在加州公务员系统中引入种族和性别的考量。一旦通过,它将违法加州宪法中对公共就业领域优惠待遇的禁令。
• 发邮件给 ,用以下CFER建议的论述来反对这两个法案。 (您也可以利用CFER关于AB101的一键式邮件网页)。

加州参议院拨款委员会:SB17 和 SB40
SB17 将“种族主义”分类为一个公共健康危机,并倡议建立一个州级的种族公平办公室来推广基于公平(equity)以及反种族主义理念的(“anti-racist”)公共健康政策。
SB40 旨在立项一个为期5年的医学学者项目、在医药学教育领域推出针对”西裔、非裔、印第安裔原住民和太平洋岛国裔”的种族优惠待遇。
•CFER针对 SB17 的立场声明请见这里;CFER针对SB40的立场声明请见这里
• 发邮件给,用以下CFER建议的论述来反对这两个法案。

关键论述样板 (仅供参考):

  • AB101 is an imprudent measure based on the highly controversial ethnic studies model curriculum. It would lead to violations of California’s constitutional guarantee of equal treatment and Articles 3 & 4 of the Education Code. It would also incur extra tax burdens on Californians.
  • AB105 intends to institute preferential treatment and potentially racial quotas in the civil services sector. It is unconstitutional and unlawful. 
  • SB17 is rooted in a narrow, politicized outlook on racism as “a founding principle in the U.S. Constitution.” It wrongly attributes health disparities to presumed racism, covering up root problems of policy failures.
  • SB40 sets up a race-preferential goal for medical education, with a false proposition that patients receive better care from practitioners of the same race. It violates the state constitution Article I Section 31 (a). 
  • Racial preferences in public education (SB40) and public employment (AB105) are not only unconstitutional, but also counterproductive as instituting preferences doesn’t truly lift up the intended beneficiaries.
  • Pursuing a narrow political framework of critical race theory (CRT) in education (AB101) and public health policies (SB17) is divisive, discriminatory and inflammatory. A victim-oppressor lenses takes away empowerment, personal agency and incentives from the so-called “victim” groups, while viciously scapegoating and stereotyping the “privileged” groups, through the narrow prism of race.
  • Legislating preferential treatment and CRT would cost taxpayers billions of dollars with no empirically proven benefits. 

关于加州平等权利联盟基金会(CFER)我们是一个无党派非盈利组织,在2020年第16号公投案被选民拒绝后成立。组织愿景是通过研究、参与、发声的方式提升公众对平等权利的关注并保护全体加州人的平等权利。1996年,加州通过了Prop. 209,成为美国第一个禁止针对种族进行歧视或者优待的州。Prop. 209要求“在政府就业、公立教育、政府合同等领域加州不能给予种族、性别、肤色、民族或者出生国家进行歧视或者优待”。CFER致力于让公众了解人人平等这一重要的宪法原则。

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