School Board Candidate Pledge

Say no to critical race theory & actions civics in K-12 classrooms.

This voter pledge is the intellectual work of our partner group the National Association of Scholars. The list of candidates who have signed on this pledge is published here.

The United States of America is an exceptional nation, sustained by providence, whose people have made liberty a fundamental principle of their government and their common culture. All Americans should revere our Founding Fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, as well as leaders who deepened our commitment to liberty, such as Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

America's schools should teach our children to take pride in their country founded upon liberty and equality, to be grateful to their forefathers who dedicated and sometimes sacrificed their lives to preserve America, and to know the great deeds of the best Americans.

American civics education should teach the founding principles and documents of the United States, the key events of American history, the structure of our self-governing federal republic, the functions of government at all levels, the mechanisms of our governing institutions, and the spirit of liberty and tolerance that should animate our private interactions with our fellow citizens.

American civics education should teach students to regard one another as individuals fundamentally united by their common humanity, common citizenship, common liberty, and common affection for one another.

American civics education should not divide students by race, sex, or any other group identity, teach hatred of America, encourage a partisan political position, or replace classroom instruction with extracurricular political activism.

Therefore, I pledge to the parents and citizens of our local district to restore freedom, fairness, excellence, and love of America to our district's public schools, and to remove from them the teaching and practice of Critical Race Theory, action civics, and any other doctrine or pedagogy that aims to foment racial division or replace classroom instruction with political activism.

As a member of the School Board, I will fulfill my pledge to restore public school education by having the School Board immediately adopt these 10 policies.

  1. Commit Our Schools to Freedom, Fairness, Excellence, and Love of America

    The School Board will commit the school district to institutional neutrality on partisan political issues, nondiscrimination by all employees, equality of opportunity among all students and employees, free intellectual inquiry, intellectual diversity, affection for and allegiance to the United States of America, classroom inquiry, and rigorous standards.

  2. Repudiate Critical Race Theory and Action Civics

    The School Board will commit the school district to affirm the common humanity of all students and employees, apply standards and pedagogies without regard to group identity, and repudiate concepts and pedagogies such as Critical Race Theory, "action civics," "implicit racism," "systemic racism," "anti-racism," "The 1619 Project," and "diversity, equity, and inclusion."

  3. Prohibit Critical Race Theory and Action Civics

    The School Board will prohibit all policies, materials, and instruction that use Critical RaceTheory or action civics, establish conscience protections against Critical Race Theory and action civics mandates, provide means for whistleblowers to report to the School Board, set penalties for employees who refuse to comply, and establish means to enforce these rules.

  4. Require Nondiscrimination

    The School Board will require intellectual diversity in hiring practices, curriculum development, guest speakers, contractual agreements, and external partnerships. The School Board also will require contractors for school districts to prohibit the use of policies that require discrimination by race, sex, or other group identity.

  5. Require Administrative Transparency

    The School Board will require school employees to post immediately on a public website all school materials, including standards, curricula, lesson plans, committee remits, and professional development and training material. The School Board will set penalties for school employees who refuse to comply.

  6. Reveal Disguised Critical Race Theory

    The School Board will investigate every sort of school activity, such as programs of health, counseling, and social-emotional learning, and discover which have been taken over by CriticalRace Theory advocates.

  7. Choose Good Textbooks

    The School Board will read all textbooks and other school materials that require taxpayer dollars, prohibit the purchase of textbooks and other school materials that forward Critical Race Theory or action civics, seek out alternatives, and require the school district to adopt them.

  8. Require Financial Transparency

    The School Board will require the school district to post immediately on a public website a transparent, detailed financial statement that itemizes all expenditures.

  9. Defund Critical Race Theory and Action Civics

    The School Board will examine every expenditure, demand a detailed explanation of each expenditure, and defund all policies, materials, and instruction that use Critical Race Theory and action civics.

  10. Carry Out Reform

    The School Board will ensure that all school employees comply with these policies by establishing disciplinary sanctions for willful and continued refusal to carry them out, up to and including termination of employment. The School Board will enforce these sanctions.

School Board Candidate Pledge

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11 candidates signed in year 2022

Kelly Feltonfelton4tusd@protonmail.comTustin Unified School DistrictONGOING
Todd Fraziervoteforfrazier@gmail.comPlacentia Yorba Linda Unified School DistrictONGOING
Pamela Gardinerinfo@pamelagardiner.orgMorgan Hill Unified School DistrictONGOING
Dave Nelsondaven@bizoptional.comPUSD School Board District BONGOING
Ingrid Camposingridcampos4schoolboard@gmail.comPalo Alto Unified School DistrictONGOING
Emily Wichmannemily@electwichmann.comSan Diego county School Board Dist. 5ONGOING
Jose VelazquezJoseVelazquezforsdusdb@gmail.comSan Diego Unified District BLOST
Steve Slawsonslawson4pylusd@gmail.comPlacentia-Yorba Linda Unified School DistrictONGOING
Jordan Henryhenry4gusd@gmail.comGlendale Unified School DistrictONGOING
Devon Updegraff-Daydevond1980@gmail.comPeoria Unified School DistrictONGOING
Rebecca Williamsbkk7890@yahoo.comSan Diego Unified School DistrictONGOING

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