Action Alert: Voice Your Concerns Regarding the Second Field Review Draft of the 2022 California Mathematics Framework

Dear California parents and concerned citizens,

Today, the California Department of Education (CDE) has commenced a 60-day public review and comment window for its 2022 Revision of the Mathematics Framework, an important process before the CDE adopts a finalized framework in July 2022. It is time for us to get organized and demand accountability and rigor in the statewide math framework.

Last year, Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER) organized a public awareness building campaign to urge our supporters to oppose the equity-based focus in the first draft of the new math framework. Grassroots and bipartisan opposition led to the postponement of the public review process for the revised framework. 

However, in spite of overwhelming public criticisms regarding the framework’s narrow ideological underpinnings and anti-merit component, the Second Field Review Draft has not turned away from either an obsession with equity or a systemic attack on academic tracking. Hidden behind the fancy language of multi-dimensional learning and mathematics for all students, the new draft is still rooted in an ideological assumption that math must be reimagined to “dismantle inequities” and taught “towards social justice.” Additionally, by avoiding “organizing around the detailed content standards” and organizing “around the most important mathematical ideas,” the 2nd draft is an ideological experiment on our children, at the expense of rigor and merit. Alarmingly, dangerous and irresponsible suggestions to phase out gifted programs and eliminate advanced tracking still remain unchanged. Last but not least, five out of 14 chapters in the new draft are centered around the theme of “equity.” 

Please contact the CDE via email ( within the 60-day public comment period to voice your concerns regarding the second draft of the 2022 California Mathematics Framework. Please make sure you include your contact information such as emails, phone numbers and addresses in your email to CDE. You can also utilize the submission form and CFER’s sample letter below to send your letter to the CDE.

Thank you in advance for taking action to save California from adopting a critical race math framework!


Wenyuan Wu 

(786) 393-8028

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To Whom It May Concern:

California’s Draft Math Framework is a giant step backwards to unlawful racial discrimination and anti-merit indoctrination. It submerges excellence and opportunities under political activism and replaces objective rigor with subjective ideas. 

Please stop subjecting our deserving and hardworking students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to unscientific and biased math training. California students, grades K through 12, deserve balanced, rigorous and objective math education. Don’t turn math into an ideological camp of political correctness and identity-based divisions. Gifted students from poorer backgrounds don’t have resources to walk away from public education. But they are entitled to a quality math education that meet their academic needs and match their individual capabilities. Higher math requirements, according to reputable research, lead to better student outcomes. Lowering math standards is irresponsible to our students. especially those from poorer backgrounds.

I urge the California Department of Education and the State Board of Education to work with the Instructional Quality Commissions to devise a rigorous, empirically tested and balanced math framework and to eliminate any race-based and anti-merit contents from the final framework!