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As an emerging organization, we rely on your kind support to help CFER strengthen our operations and activities. Your generous donations will go into CFER’s core operations to raise public awareness on America’s founding principles of merit and equal rights, produce robust research on topics pertaining to our mission and values, proactively monitor the implementation of the constitutional principle of equal treatment, and build a national alliance coalescing around the common cause of equal rights.

Albeit a young organization established at the end of 2020, CFER has made a powerful impact through our projects to expose critical race theory, lead various public advocacy campaigns regarding ethnic studies, math reforms, and higher education admissions, as well as engage key public agencies on the enforcement of Proposition 209. It is fair to argue that CFER is the leading organization safeguarding California’s constitutional guarantee of equal treatment. Through our dedication to the cause of equal rights, we are also making a difference on the national stage.

If you believe in CFER’s important work, please make a today so that we can continue to champion our mission and values with impact and delivery! CFER is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, your donation to CFER will be tax deductible. Our employer id is #85-2315151.

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