Action Alert in SDUSD: Voice Your Opposition to Public Spending on CRT, Anti-Racism and Ethnic Studies for All

Dear SDUSD parents, educators and concerned citizens,

This Tuesday (06/22), San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) Board of Education will hold a public hearing and vote on its 2021-2 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  As evidenced in CFER’s recent analysis, the proposed LCAP, at a steep price tag of over $77 million, is featured by non-educational goals to infuse ethnic studies, anti-racism, and restorative justice in all academic instruction, professional development, human resources management and administrative leadership. The plan’s major themes and its detailed metrics are rooted in critical race theory (CRT) as the ideological foundation and political mandate.

To reject SDUSD’s radical plan of CRT-infused political indoctrination at the expense of public resources, Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER), along with our community partners, calls upon SDUSD parents, educators and concerned community members to take the following actions:

1. By 1pm Tuesday, sign up to speak at the 5pm Tuesday meeting and oppose Agenda Item H2. (Once you register, you will be given the option to either call in to the zoom conference or attend the zoom webinar to give your public testimony).

2. At 4pm Tuesday, join other concerned parents and community members in a rally at the school board (4100 Normal Street, San Diego).

3. Email SDUSD Board, using the template and email addresses below.

Sample Letter to SDUSD

San Diego Unified School District

Board of Trustees

The Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee on Racial Justice and Equity

Interim Superintendent

Subject: Teach Diversity – without Division

San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) received $524 MILLION – half a billion! – in Federal COVID relief funding to address the significant learning loss of this past year. This one-time funding is particularly critical for disadvantaged students.

A broad-based coalition of SDUSD parents, concerned community members, grassroots groups and nonprofit organizations are concerned that SDUSD and the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee on Racial Justice and Equity are jeopardizing the future of San Diego and its children.

Instead of using these precious and limited resources to focus on restoring our kids’ core English, Math and Science foundations through proven methods, SDUSD and the Committee seek to divert much of those limited funds – $77 million – to promote ethnic studies and anti-racism across all grades and subjects. This politicized focus on a controversial race-based ideology comes from unscientific methods with no proven success in improving learning outcomes.

This proposed teaching paints an inaccurate picture of American history and uses race to divide our children. 

Parents and the community demand that SDUSD kids be educated to become well-rounded individuals with global competitiveness, NOT political activists that only see the world through racial lenses.  That limits their ability to see the whole person and the whole world. We must put all of these Federal funds to their highest and best use – into core academic subjects.

Concerned parent/Community member

Important email addresses:,,,,,

CFER is a leading organization in California promoting true equal rights and rejecting CRT’s invasions in the public sphere. Among many initiatives we have taken, CFER has:

-launched a civil rights complaint against critical race training in SDUSD;

-publicized a joint statement against CRT representing a diverse coalition of national and regional organizations;

-helped organize grassroots events uniting local parents and citizens against CRT: examples in San Diego;

-produced premium OPEDs, testimonies, and interviews in support of this cause;

-raised public awareness on state-level developments in ethnic studies and math frameworks;

-served to equip ordinary citizens with practical knowledge to battle CRT.


Wenyuan Wu

(786) 393-8028

About Californians for Equal Rights Foundation (CFER): We are a non-partisan and non-profit organization established following the defeat of Proposition 16 in 2020, with a mission to defend and raise public awareness on the cause of equal rights through public education, civic engagement and community outreach. In 1996, California became the first U.S. state to amend its constitution by passing Proposition 209 to ban racial discrimination and preferences. Prop. 209 requires that “the state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” CFER is dedicated to educating the public on this important constitutional principle of equal treatment.  

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